Staunchly, vol 49: The Full Pudding

(Originally posted 3/16/18)

Hi Staunch pals,
Welp, this was maybe not my favorite week ever.
On Monday, I got in my first car accident in 10 years. The accident totaled my car, which I’ve had for 12 years now and wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to. I know it’s a bit silly to be sad about a car, when there are so many things to be sad about, or imbue a piece of machinery with any sentimentality. But I also recognize this mass of metal, with its wonky gearshift and pen-stained seatbelt and ghosts of La Croixs guzzled and tears spent and harmonies attempted, played a significant role in my becoming.
It took me far and brought me back and I don’t know if there’s much more to say about it.


Deep Reads.jpg

What can I say, you guys? I didn’t really read a lot of news this week besides the basics, so I’m just going to leave you with this month-old article about the time Stuart Little went on a date and what the romantic instincts of the prim rodent with kind eyes can teach us about the power differentials in heterosexual mating rituals


self care corner banner.jpg

Today in self-care corner, I have a one-two punch recommendation to help you achieve what I’ve been referring to recently as The Full Pudding. The Full Pudding is a curated sensory experience designed to dissolve all your anxieties and make your body & spirit feel like sugar velvet—a buzzy, creamy (sorry) state of being.


Here are two delights guaranteed to give you The Full Pudding. First: I bought these Lord Jones old-fashioned gumdrops last month after a particularly heated night of Golden Girls trivia in West Hollywood and they softened the blow from my team’s 3rd place finish (don’t ask me how many teams competed).
These low dose edibles are the prettiest, most delicious fruit gummies—they’re sweet without being cloying and you can’t taste the weed, which is a huge plus for me—and they come in a bunch of different formulas to suit your preferred CBD: THC ratio.
I was a fan from my inaugural gummy. The bite-size squishy made me feel cheeky and dangerous, like the blonde stepsister in Ever After when she tries chocolate for the first time. And they provide the easiest, breeziest, most beautiful high. You can still think and function but the world feels soft and receptive, like it was sculpted out of Tempur-Pedic.


Ok, the second thing you need to get your hands on is May Lindstrom’s Honey Mud. It’s a fantastically rich and gentle clay concoction that can be used as a mask or daily cleanser (it’s $90 so a bit steep for daily use but I don’t know your life). It’s thick and delicious, detoxifies without stripping, and smells, appropriately, like very sweet dirt. The May Lindstrom website even describes it as a “silken, pudding-like treat” (!!!!!!!). I rest my case. 


Staunchly yours,