Staunchly, vol. 1: Introductions

(Originally posted: 11/18/16)

Welcome to Staunchly! 

What is Staunchly?

Staunchly is my new email newsletter! Once or twice a week, I’ll share a piece of writing—short vignettes or excerpts from longer projects I’m working on—as well as recommendations and musings on the sort of stuff I’m interested in: mental health, feminism, gender, sisters, literature, noir, cake, aesthetics, the leather jackets in Keeping the Faith, etc. You get it.

Staunchly is dedicated to all the queens in my life and all the willful, wonderful, s-t-a-u-n-c-h women I admire. I'm looking at you: Hillary, Michelle, Eleanor. Lil' Edie, Big Edie. Trina and Bey. Winona and Hedy. Dolly, Jane, Lily. The list goes on.



Why Staunchly why now?

Because it’s been a shit 10 days. 

I think we’re all feeling a bit like we’ve crashed and been crashed into, right? The Titanic and the iceberg. Something violent happened on November 8th and it's going to take time for our bodies and brains to adjust.

I want to make a delight-inducing contribution to this dark new world we find ourselves in. Since I have no special skills, except perhaps some intricate dribbling tricks from my junior high basketball years that I fear have not aged well, I’ll do so in the only way I know how: with words. And sass. And flailing attempts at profundity.

In my dreams, Staunchly is a safe little space where we can talk about politics and Vanderpump Rules and depression and caramel cake. Probably all in the same post. Ideally in the service of distracting ourselves, or making us giggle, and in some small way helping us heal.

Staunchly yours,