Staunchly, vol. 6: 2016 by the Numbers

(Originally posted: 12/27/16)

My 2016 by the Numbers:

Three tubes of red lipstick
Two tattoos
350 lattes (estimate)
One book started
Not enough words written
One piercing (two earlobes)
15 jars of Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink semi-permanent hair-dye
One night of devastating self-harm
Countless acts of revolutionary self-care
11 train rides
One betrayal (active)
Two betrayals (passive)
One genuine heartbreak
Too many late night whiskeys
Six proper gut-punches
Four times I surprised even myself
> 200 lime La Croixs
At least five conversations I could tell were rejiggering my life as I was having them
One inconsequential ’shrooms trip
Three dances to Frankie Valli songs under the moonlight
One newsletter launched
One homecoming
(Many times knocked down
Zero times stayed down) 

Wishing you all a mighty fine new year. 

Staunchly yours,