Staunchly, vol. 94: Mueller is Baby


Baby issue today to get us back on that Monday track. If you missed it, I sent out last Monday’s issue on Friday—a clear sign that last week chewed me up and vomited me back out with vigor like my puppy’s bully stick vis-à-vis my puppy. Puppy.

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The Mueller Report Is 448 Pages Long. You Need to Know These 7 Key Things by Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman (NY Times)


7 things to know from the Mueller report if you wanna sound smart to my mom!


Nancy Pelosi shows no restraint in disparaging young progressive women by Arwa Mahdawi (The Guardian)


Pelosi is getting on my nerves for a few reasons but mainly her inability to stand up for the young women in her party—from her persistent condescension towards AOC to her lame response to Trump’s Islamophobic tweets against Ilhan Omar. Be better, Pelosi. Be best. Be baby?


The Moral Failings of American Press Coverage of Nazi Germany by Elisabeth Zerofsky (New Yorker)


“The raw facts don’t suffice. They never suffice.”


A look back at American reporting during Hitler’s rise and the second world war with a lesson on what it really means to be objective in a time of crisis—the sense of urgency we lose when we rely on cold, strictly impersonal accounting.




Reflecting on the Central Park Five 30 years later. The women behind the Google Walkout are being demoted. The slain journalist in Northern Ireland, Lyra McKee, was a rising star. Reevaluating the way we talk about men who hunt women. Nusrat Jahan Rafi: the Bangladeshi woman who was burned to death for reporting sexual harassment, and used her last breaths to fight for justice. The Buttigieg police chief firing story is a good reminder to remain skeptical of our white boy wunderkinds. What Korean peace means for the thriving wildlife in the DMZ. “All of that, of course, is prefaced on the assumption that the dead stay dead”—THIS IS SOME WHITE WALKER SHIT. Lincoln does sound pretty gay. The tangible and emotional costs of a world designed for men. Pay attention to the terrifying gains of the “abortion abolition” movement. Everyday is 420 (when you’re white). Stepping out for spring. Easter in Sri Lanka.

Oh and here’s a bit of justice to keep that tiny votive of hope and faith aflame in your crusty heart: it’s now harder for George Zimmerman to casually bone.

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We’re reading I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith for Book Club this month. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while. I’m excited to let you guys know what I think.


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The new Lizzo album! You know your brand is strong when multiple people send you the Gemini opener on “Soulmate” and ask, did you write this?



Also love the new Carly Rae Jepsen song, “Julien.” So disco drippy yet emo. My ideal combo.

(I still haven’t watched Homecoming yet. I’m not worth the dirt I walk on.)

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A classic BTFB for you today because I recently rediscovered my love for Vintner’s Daughter. By that I mean, I bit the bullet and bought it again after probably a year hiatus. I’ve only been using it for a few days but already noticed some impressive changes in skin texture, pore size, and overall radiance. Ee!


Here’s what I said about it in 2017. I stand by pretty much all of it (except anything that can be perceived as Yaris-shaming. I stan a compact cutie)



One of the best things about growing up in Los Angeles is a very healthy body image and an approach to beauty that prioritizes self-love with a focus on simply enhancing my natural gifts. JK! I’ve been wearing foundation since I was 12. Nearly two decades later, I still have a fair amount of anxiety about going anywhere barefaced, my freckles and other *imperfections* on full display.  


Enter: Vintner’s Daughter. I first experienced VD at my friend Taylor’s house in Sag Harbor (don’t quote this line out of context, please). Taylor’s mom let me sample the goodness from her stash of zeitgeist-y beauty delights and I was hooked immediately.


The scent drew me in first. It has the olfactory profile of the hands of a sophisticated older woman who has spent her afternoon clipping herbs from her lush California garden. It smells like what I imagine Meryl’s house in It’s Complicated smells like. Linen and lavender ice cream.


Loaded with oils from 22 active botanicals, the serum is beloved by skincare aficionados for its soothing, brightening, and clearing powers. I'm honestly at a loss for words because I don't know how to describe something that is just magic. After using it for nearly two months my skin is clearer, glowier, and way less damaged and angry (inner damage and anger have been carefully preserved, don't you worry). It's become the MVP of my skincare/preserve-my-youthful-Dorian-Gray-radiance-without-all-that-messy-paint routine. AND, it creates an excellent base for foundation, should you even feel you need it (you probably don't).


At $185 a bottle it’s expensive, yes, and perhaps your money would be better spent on a monthly lease of a Toyota Yaris, but honestly I think this will get you farther, faster.