Staunchly, vol. 103: The Lil Xan Andreas Fault


Did you have a good fourth? I ate lobsters dipped in garlic butter, took too many edibles, and didn’t think about America once!



Hungry, Scared and Sick: Inside the Migrant Detention Center in Clint, Tex. by Simon Romero, Zolan Kanno-Youngs, Manny Fernandez, Daniel Borunda, Aaron Montes and Caitlin Dickerson (NY Times with the El Paso Times)

Don’t let yourself become numb to this.

Inside the Secret Border Patrol Facebook Group Where Agents Joke About Migrant Deaths and Post Sexist Memes by A.C. Thompson (ProPublica)

Yeah and it’s the Nazi comparisons that are in poor taste. Truly some of the most disgusting things you’ll ever read.

Teenager Accused of Rape Deserves Leniency Because He’s From a ‘Good Family,’ Judge Says by Luis Ferré-Sadurní (NY Times)

[The family court judge] also said the young man came from a good family, attended an excellent school, had terrific grades and was an Eagle scout. Prosecutors, the judge said, should have explained to the girl and her family that pressing charges would destroy the boy’s life.

This is actually my bad. I forgot to mention that the theme for Staunchly today is: Things That Will Make Blood Pour From Your Eyeballs Like Overturnt Borscht.

USA's formidable women's soccer team is no accident. It's a product of public policy by Moira Donegan (The Guardian)

An ode to Title IX.

Do Latino Voters Really Care if the 2020 Candidates Speak Spanish? by Jennifer Medina (NY Times)

The politics of candidates speaking Spanish in debates and on the trail, and why literal centuries of concerted Hispanic erasure have made things a little more complicated for Julián Castro.

There is an irony,” he said in an interview. “There’s a greater expectation, because I’m Latino, of speaking Spanish. Many folks outside of second or third generation Latino communities are not aware of the history of the attempts to eradicate the Spanish language from families.


Important: Everything you need to know about last week’s earthquakes in Southern California and what all that seismic activity means for the Big One (warning: literally nothing positive).

Now go buy a couple gallons of water and some non-perishables. Actually, just do everything the LA Times tells you.

Too busy to read a preparedness guide? Cool Cool. Lil Xan Andreas totally cares about your iCal. Here are three ~ very easy ~ things you can do to make the chances of you dying in a biblically tremendous natural disaster just a bit slimmer:

1. Try to always keep your gas tank at least half full. You can’t fuel up during a power outage.
2. Download a map of your city to your phone that you can access when the cell towers are down.
3. Keep a pair of running shoes close to your bed and in the trunk of your car.

But seriously, do please read the full guide. Trump wins if California goes down.


Fulfilling photo requests for inmates in solitary confinement. Pride month is only over if you let it: 10 gay black iconsto know. How we absorb the wrong lessons about food and body-image from our mothers. Women reclaim the pool party. Hunter Biden is messy! (But also: trauma has a long half-life and addiction is mighty and unpredictable.) We need more critics of color. The Hideosity Bar. Why I’m having a very tough time with Pelosi right now, and all the other condescending members of the old Dem guard who treat the new freshman congresswomen like insubstantial “shiny new objects” (direct quote from Claire McCaskill). Gwyneth Paltrow does not know you.


Live-action Disney movies that do not feature Beyoncé do not interest me. That is, until Mulan.


This week’s Saturday Staunch was a round-up of the ten best things I’ve bought so far this summer. Here’s a taste below. If you want the full list, including a $22 vitamin C serum that doesn’t cause breakouts, confetti glass vases from Target that look 5 times more expensive than they are, and the pearl headband set I wore here (scroll to the third photo), just subscribe to the patreon okay.

Allow me to introduce you to the latest ecoluxe healing balm in your life and in your heart: Lauren’s All-Purpose Salve. An organic, all-over moisturizer that treats everything from bug bites to split ends to sore feet to sunburns with its gorgeous combination of emollients and botanicals and !BONUS! smells like the herby vacation in Big Sur I can’t afford to take. It reminds me of my beloved 8 faces solid oil, but it’s nearly half the price (for much more product) and smells even better. I can’t stress this enough. The smell. The smell is a muscle rub in the Alps. It’s a warm baby fawn dipped in peppermint butter nuzzling your neck. It’s the glaze of a lazy day, the crust of a long one peeled back, a hot spring underneath. It’s a hefty tax-return. A game-winning three pointer. Michelle Kwan landing her jump pass. Relief and exhilaration at once. It’s that moment in a Snickers ad when a person takes a bite of a Snickers. Buy this product.