is a feminist brand and weekly newsletter by Carolyn Seuthe about politics, pop culture, mental health, and beauty. It has been described as, "like if Mother Jones and Goop had a baby and that baby had a personality disorder."

But really it’s more like if Mother Jones were Diane Keaton in Baby Boom and she inherited a toddler from her estranged cousin then quit her high-powered Manhattan consulting job to raise the kid in a cabin in Vermont after realizing that the things that used to make her happy didn’t make her happy anymore but then, you know, country living is hard and everything goes wrong and she almost has a nervous breakdown trying to give the baby a good life and heat the house in the winter and also fill the emotional space that her career once occupied and just when you think she’s down for the count she pops back up because women spend their whole lives playing and inhabiting whac-a-mole and so at the end she starts a baby food empire from her kitchen selling artisanal applesauce (Staunchly!) and oh yeah she hooks up with a hot veterinarian, too (Sam Shepard; Goop) because I think the moral of the whole story is that women can have it all but maybe, probably just in Vermont.

And the applesauce has a personality disorder.

The Author

Staunchly is made by me, Carolyn Seuthe. I mostly go by Carey.

I am a writer living in Los Angeles, where I was born and raised. I am passionate about feminism, cults, and my dog wearing tiny hats.

I used to work in politics. I spent a couple years crafting messages for democrats in the United States Senate (spoiler: didn't *love* it).

I like my people like I like my smoothies: thicc, fruity, and collagen-boosting.